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Pattaya Dirt Road H3 - Logos


Dirt Motto - "Better Him Than Me"


HARES: It is your responsibility to ensure that an official Dirt Logo is used on the T-shirt Front.


The images shown below are only a small size of the originals available from The Webmaster. They can be provided in the formats of jpg, png or psd. A Transparent background image is needed for adding to different colour shirts. Please do not copy any of these web images below for use on shirts, they are just to show which one you need to order.
Please note the images for shirt logo do not need a border or Black box around them. A Border box is not necessary .

Contact webmaster at:- biggeoff69@gmail.com Stating which image you need.


1. Patch logo image

2. Patch logo image


Can be used to make any size of patch up to a size of 16 inches. Just say what size you need and we will send the file to you.

Patch imageCan be used as a small logo on any coloured shirt or for a patch for back packs. More text can be added as required for whatever occasion.


Shirt Logo Images

White Shirt Front

1. White Shirt Logo


This is the normal image used when having a large Logo on a White shirt. This can also be reduced in size if needed as a small logo on white shirt front.

When using the large logo the top of the logo should be 1 inch below the collar line as per this link here. Not a lot of people know this.

2.Black/Dark Shirt Logo


This is the normal image used when having a large Logo on a Black shirt, obviously cannot be used on a White shirt.

Also can be used on various coloured shirts when the black background is changed to transparent, It then picks up the shirt colour as the background.

Check out some examples click here

Black shirt front

3. Black and White Logo


Can be used for large Front or small front logo on Black shirts or various color shirts but not on a white shirt.

Sepia Logo

4. Sepia logo


Can be used for large or small front logo on any light coloured shirts but not on black.

5. Weaved Logo


Cannot be used for T-shirts but would be useful for plastic cushion covers for ones wife.

Dirt Weave
Psychodelic logo

6. Psychodelic Logo


Not seen since "Darkside of the Dirt". Maybe could be used again on a black shirt. The colors are actually an Inverse of the no 1 image.

7. Glowing Edges


This would be excellent for the TQ lighting effects or on a shirt if you can afford all the colors. Would work best as a full front logo rather than a small front logo.

Glow Edges
Plastic Wrap

8. Plastic Wrap


Maybe this is good enough for our Plastic Hares looking at the title, should be ok on colored shirts using the .png file but not on a black shirt.

Country images

9. Flags

The above changes to the number 1 image could possibly be used for some hares special runs for example The German Run or other country recognised runs.

Thai Flag

10. Thailand

Not forgetting our Thai hosts version for a shirt front Logo.


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