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Pattaya Dirt Road H3 - Rags



Dirt Motto - "Better Him Than Me"


Take a look below at some of the items for sale at the Dirt sign-up.

The Dirt Road Mismanagement has added a small number of items to the Dirt
Road rags. Bush hats, small patches, and a fresh new design of can/bottle
condoms are available.


Dress shirt

The dress shirt appearing above has an embroidered pocket and a small discreet motto (Better him than me) embroidered high on the back of the shirt – available only on order through the Rags Master – Free Willy


Beer Condoms can be purchased for 200 Baht each.


A Generic Dirt Road patch, plus a smaller one for 100 Baht each.

Generic hats - 10 Runs

Generic Dirt Road hats can be purchased for 300 Baht

Bush hats

Bush hats with Dirt Logo can be purchased for 600 Baht

Patches Rings

Dirt Road Patches can be purchased for 100 Baht each.

The Silver and Gold Hare Rings are for replacement only and can be purchased for 350 Baht

Wallet condoms

Dirt Road Wrist Wallet/Condom can be purchased for 200 Baht.

Wings Hats

Wings Hats are for replacement only and can be purchased for 300 Baht.

New 60 bag

60 & 140 Run Backpack (For Award/replacement only).


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