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Pattaya Dirt Road H3 - Next Run #395

Dirt Motto - "Better Him Than Me"



A non-refundable deposit of 2,000 Baht is required for each run.

If you sign up with the hares, or by e-mail, without paying your deposit and don't turn up on the day of the run you will be added to the Deadbeats list.

The Hares cannot guarantee a run shirt unless you sign up with them at least 10 days prior to run date.

Dirt Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 5pm in the TQ. The next meeting is on 7th Dec 2017.


Run number 395 Thursday 25th Jan 2018. Sign up with shirt size before 15th Jan to guarantee a shirt.


Sign up in The Haven from 1 pm. The transport will depart promptly at:- 2 pm.

Current sign ups can be seen here.


Virgins: A 10% rule applies up to a maximum of 4 virgins on any run where virgins are allowed. Virgins are not allowed on the January AGM run, the 10 year anniversary runs and the 100 anniversary runs.

Virgins will be assessed at the Dirt meeting after the run as to whether or not they will be accepted as a dirt roader. If accepted they will be given their run shirt on their second run.


To sign up online contact: Pattaya Dirt Road Please enter "Dirt Road" as the subject.
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