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Pattaya Dirt Road H3 - Interdirt


Dirt Motto - "Better Him Than Me"




Interdirt is due to take place every two years alongside Interhash. No virgins allowed at Interdirt when it takes place away from Pattaya.
Any Dirt Roader wishing to hare at Interdirt please use the contact link below.

If nobody comes forward to hare at Interdirt during Interhash, Then the run will take place in Pattaya on the normal monthly run. Virgins are allowed on the Pattaya run.



Interdirt 2012: Interdirt was held in Pattaya on 31st May 2012.

Interdirt 2014: Due to nobody offering to hare this event there was no Interdirt this year at Interhash.

Interdirt 2016: Was held in Pattaya on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Interdirt 2018: Was held in Pattaya on 31st May 2018.

Interdirt 2020: Cancelled for 2 Years due to Covid-19.




Contacts: Pattaya Dirt Road Please enter "Dirt Road" as the subject.
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